Expand the audience with our automated solutions

Utilize big data and add new value to the content whether you are news media or content marketing department of a company. We dig deep in big data sets and discover something that is hidden inside. Then we create content based on that: news, reports etc. Fully automated, customizable and SEO-friendly.


Set of ready-to-use bots that write news based on big data (sports, stock market, cryptos, weather, entertainment etc.). It takes only 9 seconds to write news with BoxBots. Visit demo website to see bots in action


A framework based on BoxBots to develop custom bots that will use any big data to create content you need based on it (news, reports etc.)

Analyst Tools

Toolkit for deep data analysis, self-trained bots that will go deep inside data sets to discover something hidden (trends, benefits, hazards etc.) and create reports with the help of FrameBot. Automated solution for those who need to make right decisions based on big data

Serve your audience in a better way

Make relevant, data driven and extremely fast content with our products.

  • Fully automated
  • Wide range of topics
  • 24/7