We believe that if something 
can be automated 
it should be automated

What kind of content this could be?

BotsEver will search for necessary data, assemble text and data according to content templates. It takes only 9 second to write the news. 

No CMS needed — BotsEver works on any website. It can publish news on the websites and on social media and messengers.

Content about football, basketball and ice hockey: match previews and results. BotsEver will write this news automatically — before and just after the match.

Content based on data: stock market, car accidents, elections, real estate, music charts, movies premieres etc. BotsEver will find data, analyze it, do some vizualisation and write the news.

Special content projects like daily summary: news, events and also — weather and other information about the day in one structured post.

Why do we all need BotsEver?

Free up resources

You will have content that generate traffic. And there will be no human involved in production. Instead you can do something that bots will never be able to do.


All content will be prepared and published constantly — just when our bot see the proper data to use. And it takes only 9 seconds to write news.


You can start new verticals for your news media or content marketing project anytime — just set up BotsEver.

Accuracy and clarity

Content is published without evaluation or interpretation, without bias; news written by BotsEver will not require fact-checking because it is based solely on data, numbers and facts.

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If you have some questions (and we bet you do!) feel free to ask.
* — Chartbot, Videobot and Weatherbot are coming very soon